I'm a writer and researcher in Durham, NC. I grew up in rural upstate New York and graduated with a B.S. in psychology from Yale University in 2012, where I took significant coursework in philosophy and non-fiction writing. Currently, I'm a research associate with Dan Ariely at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University.

I enjoy books, string porch lights, and vinyl records. I have a rescue dog, Toad, who is great. My parents emigrated from Romania, and I think veganism and fighting global poverty are really important. 

As a researcher, I'm interested broadly in the intersection of psychology, philosophy, and (sometimes) economics. As a writer, I touch on religion, the social sciences, and food. You can read most of my writing at my contributor page for The Daily Beast or NonProphet Statusthe blog I edit. Browse my writing page if you'd like a more comprehensive list.

You can contact me at vladimir dot chituc at gmail dot com.