I'm a writer and researcher in Durham, NC.

I work with Dan Ariely in the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University. I'm interested in the cognitive sciences, particularly areas that intersects with philosophical questions. I'm also a vegan and will write for and or speak to you about that, and also other things, if you want. 

I graduated with a B.S. in psychology from Yale University in 2012, where I studied a lot of philosophy and nonfiction writing. I grew up in a small town in rural, upstate New York, and I currently live in Durham, NC. Some of my favorite things include books, string porch lights, and mason jars. I've recently started collecting vinyl records, and I spend my free time bike-riding and trying to figure out how to live with less stuff. My parents emigrated from Romania, and I care about animal welfare, mindfulness, and fighting poverty. 

I have a rescue dog, Toad, who is great.

He was rescued from an island in Puerto Rico. It's a crazy story, ask me about it.

He was rescued from an island in Puerto Rico. It's a crazy story, ask me about it.

As a researcher, I'm broadly interested in the intersection of psychology, philosophy, and (sometimes) economics. I've done work in moral psychology, causation, and group identity. As a writer, I touch on religion, the social sciences, and food. You can read most of my writing at my contributor page for The Daily Beast or NonProphet Statusthe blog I edit. A more thorough catalog of my research and writing is available at the respective links at the top (or will be, soon).

You can contact me for any reason at vladimir dot chituc at gmail dot com, and I promise I'll write back. If you're interested in reading my thoughtful and measured commentary, please avoid my twitter account